Qatar Charity (QC) has launched its “Feed the Pilgrims” campaign for this year to help thousands of people in many countries. An amount of QR500,000 has been designated for this cause which aims to achieve social integration among Muslims during the Haj season.
Qatar Charity seeks through its campaign to provide 33,000 meals to feed the pilgrims, each meal costing QR15.
“Qatar Charity is happy to continue this project for the fourth consecutive year,” said Faisal Rashid al-Faheeda, executive director of the executive management of operations.
“Through the project, pilgrims will obtain food and be totally free for worship, apart from reviving the tradition of feeding people, especially during this sacred season and in this sacred place where good deeds are multiplied in reward.”
Donations for the project can be given through the Qatar Charity website:, or through the charity’s collection points and branches within the state, or through the hotline number: 44667711.
Qatar Charity has also launched in parallel the udhiya campaign too. The objective is to provide 26,040 udhias (sacrificial animals),  including cows and sheep,  to people of 37 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.
This year’s campaign is characterised by additional new projects such as the Sacraments and Commitments Project (QR3.6mn), Adahi Patrimony, the Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah Charity and the Pilgrim’s Gift (QR212,112,00).
The annual programmes are Substitutionary Haj (QR4.5mn), Eid Clothing - both inside and outside Qatar (QR1.1mn) - and Feed the Pilgrims (QR500,000). Other cultural and educational activities are also to take place.
The Substitutionary Haj, which costs QR3,000, meets the desires of those unable to perform the Haj. Shariah students, mosque imams and trusted teachers of the Holy Qur’an perform the Haj for the deceased people or those unable to carry out Haj.
The donor shall receive a stamped and authenticated discharge confirming that the substitute had performed all the Haj rituals.
Qatar Charity was able to distribute 17,825 meals last year to Haj pilgrims at a cost of QR445,622.

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