Municipality inspections intensified ahead of Eid
August 28 2016 08:00 PM
Doha Municipality has intensified inspection campaigns on all food outlets
Doha Municipality has intensified inspection campaigns on all food outlets


Doha Municipality has intensified its inspection campaigns on all food outlets, distributors and facilities in preparation for the upcoming Eid al-Adha.

The campaign aims at ensuring the compliance of retailers and service providers with the necessary health and hygiene conditions when handling foodstuff before selling them.

The Health Inspection Section of the Municipality has started directing its inspectors to visit all the nuts and sweets shops and the shopping complexes to monitor closely the promotions on offer and ensure compliance with the set regulations.

A specialised team has inspected the food products on display at the Central Market apart from visiting their storehouses at the Industrial Area. Another team of inspectors has been directed to monitor barbers' shops, women's beauty salons and other similar facilities.

The meat health unit is set to form a number of work teams of its 28 veterinarians to follow up the process of slaughtering sheep, used as ritual sacrifice for Eid, and ensure all such animals are in good health and slaughtered according to the set regulations.

Inspectors will monitor closely the fish markets at the Central Market and Doha Corniche, in addition to all the meat, chicken outlets within Doha Municipality's jurisdiction.

The veterinarians in charge have co-ordinated with the company managing the slaughterhouses to review all their preparations and equipment and maintained a time schedule for work to guarantee the constant presence of a veterinarian during the slaughtering process.

The Municipality has maintained co-ordination with Widam Food Company to ensure availability of adequate number of workers to undertake the expected load of work, the permanent presence of an ambulance in case of any emergency, the organisation of the exit and entry of porters and the adequate control of the slaughterhouses gates. In addition, a reserve water tanker and an electricity generator would be posted in case of a sudden outrage in electricity supply.

From September 3-9, the food unit will implement an intensive search campaign on all groceries and supermarkets, fruit and vegetables outlets and their wholesale stores, and other related markets.

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