Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) has launched an innovative mobile application aimed to identify and train national talents, adopting the world’s latest application technologies in the field of human capital management.
The bank’s ‘Management Associate Fast Track Programme’ is a comprehensive training programme supported by a highly-interactive mobile application.
QIB is Qatar’s first financial institution to launch a similar initiative with the support of interactive technology, the bank said.
This initiative was launched based on the bank’s executive management directives to use the latest technologies to attract, train, and motivate local talents to work in the private banking sector in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.
The Management Associate programme is specifically designed to enhance the professional skills of fresh graduates and prepare them for supervisory roles in the domain of banking operations.
The programme features intensive learning programmes, rotation between different departments and units in QIB, recognised professional certifications, as well as mentoring and coaching sessions.
The mobile application is a supporting tool, which helps QIB’s Human Capital Group to evaluate all programme candidates based on their skills, knowledge, and personality traits in order to provide a first holistic feedback to the individuals, as well as assess where they can fit better within a banking organisation.
Upon commencement of the training programme, the application is a 24x7 companion to the participants and a very useful tool throughout their fast track learning experience helping them towards an accelerated career path.
Upon completion of the Management Associates programme and subject to a successful final assessment, the participants will be confirmed in a permanent role at QIB.
Khalefa al-Mesalam, head of QIB Human Capital Group, said: “The introduction of the supporting application offers an exciting and innovative education method and delivers great information and banking knowledge through practical applications and simulation models that help trainees to easily understand the content.”

“The introduction of the supporting application offers an exciting and innovative education method"
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