More than 500 orphans have been able to achieve their dreams through the programmes implemented by Qatar Charity and its general sponsors in Indonesia.
“They also received the comprehensive services offered by QC and were sponsored psychologically, medically, educationally and socially, along with their families in their own societies,” a statement issued by the Doha-based charity said. 
Khaled al-Yaf’i, Director of Operation Management at QC’s Executive Management, said more than 2,500 orphans received sponsorship money in Indonesia every month. “This time their happiness was doubled because the sponsors helped make the orphans’ dreams come true.” Al-Yaf’i thanked the people of Qatar for continuously supporting the orphans. 
Karam Zenhom, QC’s Office Director in Indonesia, said: “After receiving the money, the director takes the sponsored orphan to the store to buy everything the child  desires.” Other needs of the orphans have also been met.
The orphans and their families have thanked the sponsors. 
 Karam said orphans and their families were glad for the income-generating schemes  such as the sewing machine project, pisciculture project and renovating of orphans’ houses.
 Seety Nour Fatima, an orphan, went shopping with her mother. The mother said that it was the first time she went shopping in a big mall like that. “I am so happy for everything we bought! We got beautiful clothes, and shoes for the girl. I got a blender for me, too”. 
Qamar Ad-din, who currently studies at Aceh University said: “Having a computer is essential to university students. I tried to work in the summer break in order to save the money to buy it; however, I still could not afford it. My big brother, meaning the sponsor, came to the rescue and sent me this present which I chose myself. I cannot thank him enough!”

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