New phase of Dukhan Highway Central open to traffic
August 15 2016 08:59 PM
A view of the newly-opened stretch of the Dukhan Highway
A view of the newly-opened stretch of the Dukhan Highway


Ashghal has opened a new stretch of Dukhan Highway Central to traffic in both directions, providing vastly more efficient and safe transit between Doha and Al Sheehaniya.

The 3.3 km long phase of the road that newly opened to traffic is located between the Temporary Truck Route and Al Wajbah Interchange. The new phase passes under the bridges of Al Jahhaniya Interchange and the Orbital Highway, and it will allow road users to shift from temporary local roads and service roads to four free-flowing traffic lanes on the Dukhan Highway.

The newly opened phase of the project forms part of Al Jahhaniya Interchange construction works. Upon the completion of this four-level interchange by the end of this year, road users will be connected to local residential and business properties, as well as Al Rayyan Stadium which will host 2022 FIFA World Cup.

In an effort to ensure the safety of road users, Ashghal has advised a temporary speed limit of 80 kilometre per hour to be implemented on the newly opened phase, "given that construction works are still in progress on other sections of the Dukhan Highway and the nearby New Orbital Highway and Truck Route".

The Public Works Authority has completed three flyovers and the road that connects Celebration Road to the Dukhan Highway earlier this year, as part of Dukhan Highway Central project.

The Dukhan Highway Central, which forms a key part of Ashghal’s expressway upgrade scheme in Qatar, will establish a 15 kilometre long highway from the west of Doha to Al Sheehaniya and other key public venues.

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) had opened a 9km stretch of the Dukhan Highway Central some two years ago, paving the way for easy traffic flow on the arterial highway from Shehaniya Interchange to Al Rayyan Stadium Roundabout.

The Dukhan Highway Central replaces parts of the old Dukhan Highway which consisted of two lanes in each direction, which had resulted in traffic congestion and accidents.

The project, commenced in Q2, 2011, also includes significant enhancements to the local utility networks such as water and TSE (Treated Sewage Effluent) supply, electrical and communication cabling. It is part of Ashghal’s Expressway Programme that provides a vital highway network stretching over 980km and including more than 10,000km of lanes and more than 240 intersections. This is besides an integrated infrastructure that serves Doha, other major cities and external areas across the country. With the completion of the programme, Qatar will be able to boast of one of the most prominent and advanced road networks in the region.

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