Meals and water have been distributed among workers in Qatar as part of youth initiatives carried out in co-operation with Qatar Charity (QC).

QC said in a press statement that the national youth initiatives were organised under the command of Adel Lami, ambassador of QC’s Humanitarian Affairs, along with Qatar Charity's campaign to distribute meals, juice and water among workers during the afternoon.

This was done in recognition of the workers’ role in Qatar’s development and their continued efforts in building the country’s infrastructure.

Lami said some Qatari youth took the initiative to distribute meals at a number of places within the State in order to lessen the impact of the heat and improve working conditions.

He said five female youth groups and three male groups contributed to the campaign, having distributed more than 300 meals - including water and juice - to workers during the afternoon.

Ali Alghareeb, QC's director of Programmes and Centres Management, Local Development, said the youth initiatives coincided with the intense summer heat. These were implemented within the framework of caring for low-income groups such as workers in recognition of their role in the process of building Qatar, and also in line with QC's interest in creating a symbiotic and complementary relationship within the community to strengthen the social fabric, he stressed.

Alghareeb noted that QC has carried out a number of charitable initiatives for workers, the latest being the "Deserving" campaign launched just before last Ramadan. It seeks to enable individuals and companies to purchase vouchers from Taif charity outlets and distribute them to among workers and the needy, who can avail of donated items from Taif branches in different parts of the country.

He thanked benefactors in Qatar for standing with QC in support of the humanitarian mission.