Stick to lanes at intersections, motorists warned
August 09 2016 09:26 PM
Observing lane rules at intersections is vital, the ministry has stressed. Picture courtesy of MoI


The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has reminded motorists to observe lane rules at intersections, warning them that any violation will be captured on camera and registered as a traffic offence.

In a post on its Facebook page on Tuesday, the MoI stressed that motorists should not change lanes at signals and stick to their path in order to avoid accidents.
Following lane rules is key to ensuring safe and smooth traffic flow and changing tracks at intersections constitutes risky road behaviour and a violation of traffic laws, it is observed.
The ministry has reiterated that cameras installed at intersections monitor such violations, which will then be recorded as traffic offences and the violator penalised in accordance with the relevant laws.
Besides sticking to the appropriate lane, motorists should also abide by the speed limit and observe traffic rules in general to ensure the safety of every road user, the MoI has pointed out.
Those wanting to change lanes should use the appropriate indicator to signal their intention to other road users. This is one of the most important means of ensuring smooth traffic movement and avoiding accidents, the MoI post has noted.
The ministry has been carrying out a number of initiatives to make people aware of the need to follow safe driving practices. These include the recent launch of a discussion forum on the MoI website to address the issue of using mobile phones while driving and find ways to prevent the practice.
People who use mobile phones while at the wheel will be booked on the spot by traffic patrols and security personnel, the ministry had warned.
The ministry, through a series of tweets, reiterated the dangers of using mobile devices while driving and advised motorists not to engage in such acts.
The Traffic Department has put in place a large number of cameras in key areas around the country to detect offences such as overtaking from the right and there are plans to install more cameras to curb risky driving practices, Gulf Times had reported.

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