Interior Ministry gives safe swimming tips
August 07 2016 12:25 AM
The advisory lists dos and don’ts for swimmers. Pictures courtesy of MoI Facebook page

People facing problems while swimming should not panic and instead remain calm and follow certain steps to ensure their safety, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has said.
A list of dos and don’ts issued by the ministry on its Facebook page yesterday reiterates the need to observe safety precautions while taking a dip in the sea or a pool.
If faced with any difficulty while swimming, the advisory points out, a person should gently move the legs up and down and raise the hands to draw the attention of other people in the vicinity. Also, one should also not resist a water current and instead swim with it until it fades and it is safe to swim back to the coast.
Further, the advisory has stressed that people should not try to save others - in distress - if they do not have the required training and qualification.
People have also been advised not to swim at night. 
Those wanting to enjoy a summer splash should properly monitor flotation devices, especially those used by youngsters, the ministry has said. 
Children should be allowed to swim only under the supervision of their parents or an accompanying adult. They should wear proper life jackets and their movements should be monitored both in the sea and on the beach.
The MoI has reminded people to check the status of the sea and potential water currents by following up on the local weather forecast before heading for a swim. They should wear suitable clothes and avoid swimming when feeling tired or exhausted.
People should also avoid swimming alone, the advisory states. Besides, they should go near restricted/prohibited areas while swimming or in places frequented by jet skis and water scooters. They should also try to ensure that somebody is present in the vicinity so that help will be available if necessary.
In case somebody seeks assistance, one should try to provide a floating device to the person and wait for a rescue team and paramedics to arrive. He should immediately call the General Administration of Coasts & Borders Security at 2354666, or the emergency number, 999.

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