Around 60% of fire incidents that take place in houses during the summer could be attributed to the poor maintenance of air-conditioners (ACs) and ventilation systems and the use of low-quality of spare parts while repairing them.

Brigadier Hamad al-Duhaimi, director of the Operations Department at the General Directorate of Civil Defence, pointed out that most of the fires reported from residential and commercial buildings could be attributed to the excessive and continued use of ACs and ventilation systems. This leads to overloading of the electrical system.

He said people should be careful about using such machines due to high summer temperature and operate them properly, complying with the safety and security standards.

These include not leaving ACs on for long periods, ensuring that all electrical wiring and connections are in proper condition and keeping heat-generating apparatuses away from fabrics such as curtains and other flammable items.

He also advised people to turn off all electrical appliances, including ACs, from the main power switch while leaving the house. Besides, people should make sure that they carry out the required maintenance works on such appliances and use original spare parts, when needed.