Sri Lanka and the European Union have held talks on steps to repeal anti-terror laws during a recent meet in Brussels, the foreign ministry said yesterday.
The matters were discussed at the 20th meeting of the EU-Sri Lanka Joint Commission which took place in Brussels.
They discussed the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), the release or prosecution of detainees, and the establishment of the transitional mechanisms for truth, reconciliation, justice and reparations. Sri Lanka also provided updates on the process of drawing up the new constitution, Xinhua news agency reported.
The meeting provided an opportunity to exchange views on the state of implementation of the UN Human Rights Council resolution last year, which was co-sponsored by UN member states and Sri Lanka.
“The parties welcomed the recent lifting of the EU ban on export of fish from Sri Lanka. This was achieved due to the extensive improvements made by the government of Sri Lanka in fisheries management and control, consistent with its international obligations. It was agreed that the close relationship established on fisheries between the two parties will continue,” the foreign ministry said.
The Joint Commission also welcomed Sri Lanka’s application for access to the trade concessions under the EU’s generalised scheme of preferences plus as a sign of Sri Lanka’s renewed commitment to meeting its wider international obligations.