Doha Marketing Services Company (Domasco) has inaugurated its 18th retail unit at Al Meera in Jeryan Al Nejaima, a fast-developing residential area with local population.
In a press statement, Domasco said it “has been successful in acquiring distribution rights of reputable brands in addition to their wide variety of existing watch franchises”.
Besides existing brands like Casio, Titan, Police and Gant, new brands such as Titoni, Versace 1969 and Von Dutch will now be available in Domasco retail units. A few more brands will be added by the fourth quarter of 2016, the company has said.
“With this wide selection of brands, it is vital to meet different customer profiles and reach a wider audience. Domasco is expanding its retail presence for consumers to view and purchase the exquisite timepieces,” the statement noted, informing that Domasco will be opening several more retail units with Al Meera as they “have the largest network of hypermarkets in Qatar”.
Speaking on the new retail unit opening, Domasco managing director Faisal Sharif said: “At Domasco, we keep a close watch on the pulse of the market. Our watches division has always strived to offer a wide range of timepieces that appeal to various segments of our customer base. We will keep enhancing our retail network as well as our brand portfolio.”
Merril Dias, head of sales and marketing for watches at Domasco, added: “Over the years, Domasco’s watches division has consistently won industry acclaim for being customer-focused and introducing models that have been bang on trend. With the addition of Titoni, Versace 1969 and Von Dutch to our portfolio and many more brands to come by the end of the year, we are confident that customers will appreciate the variety of choices available. “Our partnership with Al Meera will continue and prosper as we strive to cater to a wider audience.”