The governor of Yemen’s main southern city Aden survived a suicide car bombing that struck his convoy yesterday, a security official said, blaming Al Qaeda.
Aidarus al-Zubaidi escaped unharmed after the attack in the Inmaa district of Aden but three of his companions were wounded, the official said.
The port city, the temporary base of Yemen’s government, has seen a wave of bombings and shootings targeting officials and security forces.
Zubaidi’s predecessor Jaafar Saad was killed in December in a car bomb claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group.
In February suspected Al Qaeda militants opened fire on a convoy carrying Zubaidi and Aden’s police chief General Shallal Shayae.
Both escaped unharmed.
Zubaidi and Shayae also survived a car bombing that targeted their convoy in Aden on January 5, which killed two of their bodyguards.
Militants have exploited the unrest in Yemen pitting loyalist forces, backed by a Gulf Arab coalition, against rebels in a war that has left more than 6,400 people dead since March 2015.
Pro-government forces last year drove the Iran-backed Houthi insurgents and their allies out of southern provinces, including Aden.
With the help of coalition forces, loyalists launched an offensive against Al Qaeda in March this year, pushing the militants out of neighbourhoods in Aden and a number of  provincial capitals.

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