Enjoyed and lauded by visitors, Eid festivities conclude at Katara
July 09 2016 10:20 PM
The beautifully lit-up Katara premises
The beautifully lit-up Katara premises.


Thousands of people joined the four-day Eid al-Fitr festivities at Katara – the Cultural Village, which concluded on Saturday.
In a statement, the festival organisers said Qataris, expatriates, citizens of other GCC states and non-Muslims from Qatar and abroad took part in the celebrations “in the spirit of joy, tolerance, co-existence and diversity”.
Katara, which is based in a country that is home to people from dozens of foreign nationalities, has emerged as a major cultural, tourism, entertainment and fun destination, the statement notes. The Eid festivities provide the “perfect opportunity for people from different sections of society to gather and celebrate in peace and harmony”.
While most of those who enjoyed the Eid holidays at Katara were inhabitants of Qatar, dozens of families from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain also flocked to the Cultural Village to enjoy the “must-see events”, the organisers said.
Visitors, on their part, lauded the festival and its various attractions. Among the highlights of the festival were the fireworks display, a series of special shows under the theme “A Child’s Dream” and Eid giveaways for children.

"It is always a shared occasion. Eid is for everyone and everyone should be happy together," said Fatima al-Sibaai, a 25-year-old Qatari woman who accompanied her two children to enjoy the Katara Eid extravaganza.
“I’ve received Eid cookies as a present from my Muslim neighbours and friends. The Katara musical shows and fireworks were awesome,” said nine-year-old A Maneesh from India.
Sultan al-Dusari, a Saudi national, said: “We decided to take a short break and this was our chosen destination. My family has gone to do some shopping now and we’re all making the most of this visit by relaxing and having fun.”
“For the last few years, Ramadan has coincided with our summer holidays and so we’ve been out of the country. It’s truly a festive season for all,” said Maha, a young Bahraini woman visiting with some family members.
Meanwhile, Samantha Martini, a teacher from South Africa, noted: “The people around are in a really good mood. It’s always great to see so much happiness in one place.”
“To me, Katara is a glitzy hub that offers various delicacies, decorated pathways and good happy people. This has made my holiday,” said Dr John, who was visiting from Great Britain.
Rita Abi Nader, a Lebanese Doha-based beautician, said: “This is my first Eid in Qatar and I am thrilled to share it with friends here. This is a multicultural community that welcomes all with an open heart.”
Maryam Qasem, a Palestinian woman visiting her son and family in Doha, said: “Eid al-Fitr at Katara is yet another shining example of the feeling of togetherness here. With today’s digital world in full swing, I prefer to see myself as a person who loves to see traditional Eid features.”
For Katara, the high public turnout has been “a source of joy, for once again the place has brought communities together”, the statement adds, noting that smiles, greetings and gifts have been exchanged in an atmosphere of love, peace and fun.

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