Katara – the Cultural Village is all set to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with a four-day 'exclusive and full-pledged programme of fun and excitement.'

A musical under the theme “A Child's Dream” will be staged at the Katara esplanade with three-daily performances in Arabic and English.

The musical will bring together the arts of acrobatics, circus, clowns, and pantomime and ribbons dancers on a special stage, equipped with cutting-edge lighting and sounds systems.

“It is one of Katara’s known traditions now that we culminate our Ramadan Festival with Eid al-Fitr extravaganza and festive season,” Katara general manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti said.

The first show will be in Arabic, scheduled to start at 7pm while the second show will be in English and begins at 8.30pm daily, followed by the third show in Arabic at 9.30pm.

Eid gifts will also be presented to children at 6.45pm and 9pm with a dazzling display of fireworks will follow to light up the sky at night, which is expected to enthrall visitors.

“We strive to offer children and families in Qatar and those from abroad happy and special times as it is an opportunity for many to escort their families and friends out and join our joyful shows during the Eid holidays,” the official observed.

Dr al-Sulaiti noted that Katara has become a prominent tourism destination in Qatar today and its hub and services are appreciated by local and foreign visitors.

“We promise all of our guests, from all age categories and backgrounds, an unforgettable Eid experience with special shows performed in Arabic and English through full-range family-centric social, cultural and artistic programme,” he said. “That is a focal message Katara has always been keen to send: We are a platform of love, peace and human co-existence for all”.

“Our exclusive programmes are aimed at attracting wider audiences that add real value to Qatar’s cultural and tourism scene,” the Katara official stressed. “Our reputation speaks for us and we call upon all to join the Katara Eid Festival and enjoy the spectacular shows and stunning displays of fireworks.”

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