July 02 2016 11:32 PM

Unfair fares
Dear Sir,
I’m shocked to see the steep rise in airfares ahead of the Eid holidays and I’m sure many others in the Gulf countries would agree with me. During the holy month of Ramadan, many shops and hospitality companies come out with attractive offers and price discounts in all Gulf states.
Government departments take strict action to check that there is no manipulation in prices of various items in supermarkets. Inspections by officials are stepped up to make sure that all outlets are following price directives and the items offered for sale are of good standard. All these are done in the interest of the public and the governments’ efforts are quite commendable. The aim is to ensure that people are not unduly distressed and the service providers would not take undue advantage of the situation.
Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of Ramadan, are days of celebration and festivities. Families and friends come together during the season. People travel home to be with their close ones during the festival. And this is the time airfares need to remain stable, even if they are not lowered.
But look what happens. The airfares shoot up during every Eid.
Almost all  airline companies jack up the prices – often to more than double.
Is this fair?
Elsewhere in the transport sector, service providers like railways and bus companies arrange additional trips and increase frequency of their services without raising their prices to meet the rush.
But the aviation sector does the exact opposite: The airline companies increase their fares instead of increasing the flights.
Is this fair?

(Full name and address supplied)

Joint strategy to fight terrorism
Dear Sir,
The terror attacks on the Istanbul airport by militants on Wednesday and on a restaurant in Dhaka are reprehensible.
What is the message the terrorist group or groups trying to convey in this holy month? They seem to think by making people and governments fear them, they can control them!
Nothing can be achieved in killing innocent people.
All governments in the world should join hands to eliminate terror from the face of earth.

T P Rasheed
PO Box 766

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