Qatar International Court awards costs to QFCA
July 02 2016 10:24 PM

The first instance circuit of the Qatar International Court has awarded a “modest sum” in costs to the Qatar Financial Centre Authority (QFCA) after a former employee took legal action against them.
During the proceedings, the court had issued an interim order preventing the QFCA from taking any action in relation to the former employee’s Residence Permit after it was complained, among other things, that the QFCA was in breach of the QFC Employment Regulations.
After a full hearing at which the court heard submissions from both sides, the parties negotiated terms which resulted in the withdrawal of the application and the discharge of the court’s interim order.
Thereafter the QFCA made an application to the court for its costs to be paid by the other party.
Concluding that the QFCA had been “the successful party and is entitled to a costs award in its favour,” the court nevertheless went on to limit the recovery of legal costs to QR2,000 on the basis that, first, “whereas a party is entitled to be represented by advocates of its choice, including Counsel based abroad, in a straightforward matter such as the present this should not be at the expense of the unsuccessful individual,” second, “the doubtless expensive production of a large volume of documents, including of English law authorities, was unnecessary and it also arrived too late to be of much assistance” and third, “the court does not wish to deter employees and other unrepresented litigants from seeking the assistance of the court.”
Both parties have 60 days from the date of judgement in which to file an application to the court seeking permission to appeal.
The judgment of the court can be viewed on the court’s website at:

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