Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) is continuously distributing Iftar meals and food packages to poor families in Syria, Iraq and Sudan as part of its QR7.8mn Ramadan Iftar Programme in 13 Arab countries.

In Syria, QRCS and Social Development International have implemented a Ramadan Iftar project in Rif Dimashq, distributing 2,000 meals daily in four districts.

Other benefits of the project include running a number of catering hubs, creating more jobs, and purchasing all materials from the local market.

The distributions also covered northern Damascus countryside where 1,500 meals are being distributed every day in three districts, in addition to 390 meals per day in Wadi Barada.

A total of 126,689 meals have been distributed in southern Damascus, western and eastern Ghouta, Idlib, and Aleppo, with 3,399 meals delivered to 6,798 beneficiaries per day.

In co-ordination with the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, QRCS personnel in Iraq are distributing food aid in Al-Anbar and Nineveh Governorates, Iraqi Kurdistan, to alleviate the suffering of displaced families.

More than 4,000 food packages are distributed to eight districts of Erbil Governorate.

In Sudan, QRCS has distributed food packages in Al-Jazirah State, in co-operation with the Sudanese Red Crescent Society, government authorities, and community leaders.

Based on a ‘needs survey’ conducted by QRCS, some 500 families had been selected to benefit from these distributions, including vulnerable returnees, displaced families and nomads affected by the rainfall and floods.

A special focus was given to the families with female breadwinners, elderly people, and people with special needs.

The overall cost of these distributions amounted to $52,000 (nearly QR 190,000). Each package contains 42kg of food staples like sugar, flour, tea, dates, lentils, vegetable oil, and Roselle.

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