The Cultural Village Foundation, Katara, is set to conduct a special programme for Eid al-Fitr festivities, which will go on for four days.
In an extension of its Ramadan festival ‘Qur’an and the creation of man,’ Katara will present a programme titled “A child’s dream” on Katara esplanade with three shows a day in Arabic and English.
The first show in Arabic starts at 7.30pm, the second in English at 8.30pm and the third in Arabic will start at 9.30pm. Besides, Eid gifts will be distributed on children after the end of the first and second shows. Fireworks shows will start after the conclusion of the third show daily.
Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, Katara general manager, said that Katara concludes Ramadan festivals with Eid festivities, and is keen to make it a joyous for all its visitors. He pointed out that the aim of the Eid festival is to give Katara’s visitors, whether from inside or outside Qatar, a sense of the festive atmosphere of the good occasion and give them an opportunity to spend a good time in an outdoor family trip.
He further affirmed that Katara has become a well-known tourist destination in Qatar and attracts a growing number of tourists from inside and outside the country, especially the GCC region. Accordingly, the shows will be in Arabic and English, taking into consideration the culture diversity of the visitors of the place.
“We work hard to attract more visitors and let them enjoy the great variety of our activities and functions, as Katara has become an attractive destination inside and outside the country,” said Dr al-Sulaiti.
The shows are presented by a group of performing troupes in acrobatics, circus, jugglers, dancers and other performers. A specially designed equipped with all the necessary sophisticated machines and lightening and sound systems will be erected for the Eid festival.
In the meantime, Dr al-Sulaiti has honoured the children who won the first places at Katara Ramadan contest for the Holy Qur’an memorisation and presented them with prizes.
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