Changes in store for Philippines
June 27 2016 11:12 PM

Dear Sir,

Only a few days are left before the new Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte, takes office and all eyes are on him. The support for him has been felt among Filipinos all over the world, including Qatar, where they are working.
We, the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), are keenly looking forward to the promised changes that are supposed to take effect during his term.
For one, I am excited about the changes that President Duterte  has promised to bring about, changes that will herald a new era for the Philippines.
I am hopeful that he can raise the status of our country and make it a much better place to live in.
Our country is blessed with  beautiful scenic views and tourists will surely enjoy vacationing there. But for now, a major issue is the safety of foreigners but I know for sure that President Duterte has some concrete plans to address all security problems at hand.
Also, I do hope that the Philippine embassy will be more available and reachable to all overseas Filipino workers in Qatar. At present, you can’t  reach most of them by calling  the numbers posted on their FB pages. Not all of us can personally visit the embassy every time we have a question because of work pressure and other reasons. Transport is not cheap and asking for permission from sponsors to take a few hours off from work to visit the embassy is futile.
And do you really have to go the embassy personally just to get an answer to a question you have or receive any clarifications on any points?
Hoping and praying for major positive changes to take effect in my country at the earliest.

 AN, (Full name and e-mail address supplied)

Excellent services by Indian embassy

Dear Sir,

Hearty congratulations to all Indian embassy officials and the ambassador on shifting the embassy to a more spacious premises in Onaiza (“Indian embassy to offer normal services from today”, June 27, Gulf Times ).
The Indian embassy in Qatar has been rendering unparalleled services to the community in general and all others approaching it for various reasons in particular.
As a human resources professional I have found that I could approach the embassy freely and the officials there have always extended their unstinted support and co-operation to me on several occasions.
I am quite confident that many others would have experienced the same hospitality and excellent services provided by the embassy.
Now that the embassy has shifted to a more spacious premises in Onaiza with greater infrastructural facilities and amenities, we look forward to availing of a quicker and a more pleasant service.
We profusely thank each and every member of the Indian embassy team for the service they render, always with a smile.

V Kalyanaraman, [email protected]

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