Qatar Airways’ Al Darb Qatarisation Programme hosted recruitment events this week for Qatari students and students of Qatari mothers.
The initiative helped showcase the career opportunities available within the Qatar Airways Group for Al Darb participants, according to a statement.
During the open days, Qatari nationals had the opportunity to meet students currently interning with Qatar Airways under the airline’s Al Darb Qatarisation Programme, who have already completed their education and are participating in the programme’s numerous development paths.
Qatar Airways senior vice-president (human resources) Nabeela Fakhri said, “There is an immense amount of talent in Qatar, and we are proud to be able to offer Qataris exciting and fulfilling career opportunities working with the world’s best airline. Our recruitment open days always draw a vast number of potential candidates who are keen to seek a future with an airline that will take them places, and allow them to create a future in one of the most dynamic and exciting industries that today’s professional world has to offer.”
In 2016, the Al Darb Qatarisation Programme has introduced scholarships for 36 different majors, offering increased opportunities for participants to pursue, the statement notes.
The Al Darb Qatarisation Programme provides students with financial and academic support for study in Qatar and overseas. The students are provided with assistance during their studies and after graduation, at which point they join Qatar Airways as full-time graduate developees. Post-graduation, they are also offered the chance to participate in nine different development programmes within the organisation.
“Qatar Airways is committed to contributing to the country’s future by fostering local talent and empowering young Qataris to shape their own professional future. Sparking opportunity for individuals will allow future professionals to contribute to Qatar’s economy and development,” the statement added.
One of Qatar Airways’ “core values is its commitment” to providing Qatari nationals with the training required to ensure that they are always ahead of the pack, by developing their talents and skills in a professional working environment. This helps produce a generation of Qatari nationals who are prepared to lead their country to an even more prosperous future.
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