Those working outdoors across Qatar will get some relief from June 15 for about 75 days as the summer mid-day work ban, implemented by the Ministry of Labour, comes into effect.

The ban will be in place until the end of August as temperatures are bound to rise in the coming days, it is understood. No outdoor works are allowed on construction sites between 11.30am and 3pm, as per the ministerial instructions.
There will be constant monitoring of the violations and erring employers will be slapped hefty fines. The phenomenal rise in the number of labour inspectors since 2014 is generally seen as an attempt to reduce the violations on construction sites. More than 150 labour inspectors were recruited in 2014 alone, inquiries found.
There is a general feeling among workers that works starting in the morning should be stopped latest by 10am, as temperatures become unbearable by then. On Saturday, the peak temperature was 48C.
Even without waiting for instructions from the ministry, some of the contractors have already reduced the morning working hours of their workers. In some of the sites the morning works get over before 11am these days.
As an alternative solution, some of the construction companies have moved all their outdoor works to start only after sun set. One of the best examples is the work site of a school in Al Hilal area. "It is being done to protect our workers from the scorching heat during the day," a project official told Gulf Times.

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