Dress like Ronaldo
June 12 2016 10:34 PM
All the Sacoor Brothers’ shoes are made in Portugal with genuine leather. Photo by Umer Nangiana

Carefully designed, allying the wealth of detail visible in the cut, the personalised buttons, the welt, the tiepin, the personalised label and the carefully selected materials, they have an entire line of collection in his name, the Cristiano Ronaldo & Sacoor Brothers.
Only available at nine boutiques around the world with five of them in the UAE, this special collection of items is inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo, the official global ambassador of Sacoor Brothers.

EXPANSION: Mireille Sarkis, the Marketing & PR Manager of Sacoor Brothers, says they are expanding to five outlets in Qatar by the end of this year. Photo by Umer Nangiana

The 7 suits, reflecting the Portuguese football superstar’s jersey number, in the collection illustrate the best of haute couture; reinvented classics that combine shapes, colours and textures to create proposals that combine the city look of some of the main fashion capitals where Sacoor Brothers is present from Lisbon to Kuala Lumpur, London, Dubai, Madrid, Singapore, Brussels, and Doha.
“Thank God, I am able to choose practically whatever it is I like. Sacoor is a label I have always liked and I can relate to it. That is why we are in partnership and I am quite pleased about that,” says Ronaldo, while speaking about the brand in his interview with local Portuguese media earlier this year.
“I really like the fashion world. It is not by chance that I have shirts, my own boxers, my own fragrance, my own headphones. And more things will be coming soon,” adds the world-renowned football star.
Present in Doha in Ezdan Mall, Sacoor Brothers is a well-known international label, based in Portugal. It is the result of the dream of four brothers committed to adding elegance, quality and style to the fashion world.
In existence for 25 years, Sacoor Brothers been a favourite with celebrities and has dressed well-known personalities from the world of fashion, sports, cinema and television like the famous Hollywood actors Rob Lowe, William Baldwin, Patrick Dempsey and Irina Shayk.
In their Cristiano Ronaldo & Sacoor Brothers collection, they have a whole line of suits, Bold Suit, for Doha.
“The timeless pattern of this suit could well make it an icon of modernity, keeping up with the pace of a fast and unstoppable city like Doha. It is ideal for the man who wants to make a bold statement, but is a classic nonetheless,” says Sacoor Brothers.
Coming to Doha in 2013, the brand plans to expand to five outlets by the end of this year. Offering collections for men, women and children, the label does it in grand style. You step into their store and you get the feeling of entering an American penthouse, with a grand piano sitting in one corner opposite a personal small Sacoor Café.
If you are wearing eye-glasses, they will make sure the glasses are clean so you look sharp. The in-house tailor would make sure you favourite apparel looks fit on you, no matter what size you pick.
“The store itself offers a very unique ambiance. It is a US Penthouse atmosphere. You feel like you are a couple living in uptown Manhattan with a grand piano and Sukoor Café and the in-house tailor,” Mireille Sarkis, the Marketing & PR Manager of Sacoor Brothers tells Community in a chat recently at the store in Ezdan Mall.
“It is a very grand feeling that we offer to our customers as well as the professional staff that we have. You will notice that our staff gives you one-on-one personal attention. You are not just another customer,” says Sarkis.
They offer everything that you expect in men’s formal as well as causal collection such as polos, chinos, jeans and the formal collection such as suits and ties and dress shirts and cuff links.
In women’s collection they offer a more casual look. A lot of items in their children’s collection have the same look as the adults’ collection. You will find adorable father-son and mother-daughter looks.
“We have our in-house design team in Portugal and our designs have a very Portuguese influence to them. We have a very slim tailored fit to most of our items so it would always give you a very flattering silhouette,” says Sarkis.
They do everything in-house including marketing and graphic design. The collection of Sacoor Brothers shoes is all made in Portugal with genuine leather, with both formal and casual look for both men and women.
The inspiration behind the designs is mostly western. Their in-house design team, based in Portugal does travel around the world and attend all the fashion fairs to see what is coming up in the trends.
The label has been received in Doha very well, says the store’s Marketing Manager. “We are only visible in only one mall, which is a bit challenging but a lot of our customers have heard about us from other countries such as Dubai, Bahrain and others. So once they know that we are available in Doha, they are very loyal to the brand,” says Sarkis.
“Our global ambassador, Christiano Ronaldo has brought a lot of attention to the brand and of course the people who are loyal to him are loyal to whatever he promotes so that is also a big advantage for us,” she adds.
Sarkis says the label is doing “very well in Doha compared to other countries that we have presence around the world.”
“People here want to look classical but very elegant at the same time. There are a lot of professional men here who want to wear suits on a daily basis,” says the manager.
By the end of this year or beginning next year, they are opening four more stores in the upcoming Mall of Qatar and the Doha Festival City. There will be two stores in each mall — one Sacoor Brothers and other Sacoor Kids, which is a beach-house concept.
The label’s target audience with its designs, Sarkis says, is mostly a bit mature audience from the mid-20s to the late 40s.
“We offer more of a classical elegant look; youngsters tend to like more edgy type of things. We are from mid to high price range. We are not too expensive and we try to keep it affordable,” says the manager.
And there are always enticing offers on a regular basis besides a strong loyalty programme, with three different brackets Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each bracket is entitled to additional discounts on top of the on-going store discounts. You also receive birthday gifts from the store if you are a Platinum customer.
Since the early 1990s, Sacoor Brothers has continued to expand with boutiques in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Singapore.

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