New app to help promote QC projects
May 30 2016 12:06 AM
Al-Yazidi: This system has the potential to spread easily and quickly.

Qatar Charity (QC) has launched a new application called “Pointer towards Good” during the concluding events of the Social Network Forum held recently.
QC financial resources executive director Mohamed al-Yazidi announced the launch of the app and stressed that QC utilised technology to effectively introduce its humanitarian projects and campaigns and mobilise further public support for them.
The new application allows social media users to promote donations for QC projects around the world without paying anything, he explained.
“It encourages social media users to make their personal pages a means for promotion. Accordingly, by signing up for the application they can directly access the links to QC projects and share them with others to help spread public awareness about them.”
The advantage of this system is its potential to “spread easily and quickly”.
Besides, the points for each new user of a link will be credited to the person who first took the initiative to share the link.
Further, the points accumulated by a person could be transferred to a philanthropic project conducted in his/her name, such as construction of a mosque, implementing an education project and other causes.
Al-Yazidi said that work was under way to further improve the app and make it more accessible.
“QC has launched this initiative to help people be a part of doing good. Accordingly, users will be able to donate using their names without being charged a single riyal,” he said.
The app also allows users to follow the projects they choose.
Once they register on the website or through their mobile phones, they can see posts related to the projects they choose, and share and promote them.
QC seeks to use advanced technology in charitable work. It was the first to adopt a system of donation through text messages and  offers self-service devices in public places, according to a statement.

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