Qatar Fuel (Woqod) will soon deploy 20 additional mobile petrol stations in and around Doha to address mounting clamour from motorists, Woqod CEO Ibrahim Jaham al-Kuwari has said.
Al-Kuwari made the announcement on Wednesday on the sidelines of Woqod’s annual general meeting (AGM), which was presided over by Woqod chairman Sheikh Saoud bin Abdulrahman bin Hassan al-Thani.
“We have finalised with concerned authorities of certain lands for the deployment of mobile petrol stations, which will be located in various locations in Doha. There are currently six operational mobile petrol stations and we will soon add 20 more.
“In addition to that, we are ordering around 30 mobile petrol stations, which we expect to receive in the next three months. They would be on standby and can be deployed as the need arises,” al-Kuwari told Gulf Times.
He said the government has already identified different locations in and around Doha where the additional 20 mobile stations will be installed within the year.
Citing safety precautions, al-Kuwari noted that the mobile petrol stations will be available in carefully selected, less crowded locations.
Starting June 6, Woqod’s petrol dispensing machines will feature longer hoses, capable of servicing motorists whether their fuel tanks are on the left or right side of the vehicle, al-Kuwari said.
“When some motorists go to Woqod’s dispenser’s area, the queues along the right lane are longer and are often congested because the fuel tanks are located on the left side of their vehicles, leaving the opposite lane empty. But now longer hoses will speed up our services and will cut down on customers’ waiting time,” al-Kuwari said.
During the meeting, shareholders approved several amendments to Woqod’s Articles of Association, which abolishes the minimum shares requirement (previously prescribed at 100 shares for each single shareholder).
“There were minor changes…now any shareholder can own even one share,” al-Kuwari noted.
He said other amendments now allow Woqod to use the Sidra brand name for establishment and operation of Sidra convenience stores, offer new products at Sidra, and place commercial advertisements inside the service station premises.
“Any company can place their advertisements with us, and we now have the right to put them inside any Woqod petrol station. We expect this to be a good profit-generating initiative for the company,” al-Kuwari added.
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