‘Beautiful sight’ wins Gulf Times Instagram contest
May 21 2016 08:22 PM
Beautiful Sight
Beautiful Sight


Shiny Keneth’s ‘Beautiful Sight’ has emerged as the winner of the 15th edition of Gulf Times Instagram contest.

Keneth, 25, hails from Udupi in southern India. She came to Doha earlier this year after her marriage to a Qatar resident.

Her hobby includes dancing and taking pictures.

She says “there is beauty in everything we see and it can be expressed when it’s captured in the best possible way”.

For Keneth, who holds an MBA, this was the first photography contest that she ever entered.

Her husband Keneth Peter works as a supervisor in the Toyota/Lexus division of Abdullah Abdulghani and Bros. Co. “My husband asked me to take part in this contest,” she adds.

‘Beautiful Sight’ notched up a whopping 297 likes and 117 comments, making it the winning entry.


Contest 16


The 16th installment of the Instagram competition starts today. Send in your photos shot in Qatar to [email protected]

Selected pictures will be posted on the Gulf Times Instagram account, with the name of the photographer mentioned.

The picture that gets the maximum number of likes and comments during a seven-day period will be declared the winner.

A like will get the picture one mark and a comment will fetch two marks.

The winning picture will be published in the Gulf Times print edition as well as on the web edition of Gulf Times, along with a short bio of the photographer.

So shutterbugs shoot and send now!

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