Businesses turn to Umm Salal for setting up industrial units
May 13 2016 10:14 PM
Umm Salal
Rents in Umm Salal are said to be lower

By Ramesh Mathew/Staff Reporter

Umm Salal town, located to the north of Doha, is fast emerging as a favoured destination for those wanting to set up industrial units, it is learnt.
This trend is being driven by favourable conditions such as "availability of land, good roads and reasonable rents", sources told Gulf Times.
A growing number of entrepreneurs, especially those with businesses related to the construction sector, are reportedly evincing interest in setting up units in the Umm Salal industrial area.
Operators of industrial units say a number of factories/workshops dealing with works such as fabrication, manufacture of grilles, galvanising and cladding, among others, are coming up in the area.
The town is expected to have more industrial units in the coming years, they point out.
A number of entrepreneurs are also said to be considering shifting their units from the Doha Industrial Area to Umm Salal due to various factors.

Asked about the reasons behind this, the entrepreneurs say Umm Salal has better roads than the Doha Industrial Area, and transportation costs and rents of industrial sheds are also lower.
For vehicles carrying raw materials to manufacturing units, access to Umm Salal is better as it has good roads than the crater-filled ones in the Industrial Area, they argue.
Not just industrial units, Umm Salal is also emerging as a destination of choice for companies planning to set up workers' housing facilities, it is found.
Confirming this, some entrepreneurs said they are setting up labour camps in Umm Salal as it's less expensive than the Industrial Area.
"We shifted our workers' accommodation to Umm Salal from the Doha Industrial Area sometime ago. Rents in Umm Salal continue to be much lower than in the latter," said a camp manager of a contracting firm.
The firm provides accommodation to nearly 1,000 workers.
He stressed that the availability of "cheaper" land for building camps - as compared to the Industrial Area - was driving many entrepreneurs to consider Umm Salal as a viable option.
The ongoing construction of a workers' city in the northern town will also help promote industrial ventures there, the sources feel.
Such developments and the resulting growth in population have also prompted residents to seek the introduction of facilities, such as a workers' clinic and money exchange.

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