The Metrash2 mobile application is now available in four new languages - Spanish, French, Urdu and Malayalam – in addition to Arabic and English, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has said.
A new version of the app launched by the General Directorate of Information Systems (GDIS) at the MoI also provides access to a host of additional services, including community policing and features improvements to some of the existing services.
The launch is part of the efforts made to enhance the MoI’s e-services, the ministry said in a statement.
“With the addition of the new languages, the Metrash2 service can be accessed by a higher number of expatriates as the application is now available in six languages,” said Brig Abdul Rahman al-Maliki, GDIS assistant director, noting that a bunch of new services has been added to the app, mainly pertaining to services provided by the Community Police Department for citizens and expatriates alike.
The community policing services that can be accessed through Metrash2 now include security services such as reporting abandoned buildings, law violations, selling prohibited items and damaging facilities, social services like reporting family disputes, behavioural issues and social support, invitations and requests for awareness lectures, school and company visits and event participation, and other general services regarding information on road damage, damage to traffic and service signboards, dangerous intersections and malfunctioning signals, etc, the statement explains.
Besides, services such as queries on travel bans and locations form part of the updated Metrash2, according to Brig al-Maliki.
He hinted that more languages could be added to the Metrash2 service based on the requirements and number of people speaking such languages in the country. He also hoped that the new additions would facilitate easy use of the application for the speakers of those languages.
“Metrash2 offers more than 120 MoI e-services through Android and iOS devices, where most of the services can be accessed and completed electronically, including payment, without having to resort to any MoI services centre,” the ministry said.
Subscribers can download the app on more than one device and with any service provider in Qatar. A smart ID card is not a condition for Metrash2, according to the statement.
The GDIS has set up a 24-hour call centre (234 2000) to assist subscribers in case of any queries or technical help.

Number of subscribers tops 241,000

There are now more than 241,000 subscribers of Metrash2, including individuals and company representatives, and they are able to access over 120 services electronically through the app, General Directorate of Information Systems assistant director Brig Abdul Rahman al-Maliki has said.  He said a large number of transactions had been completed through Metrash2 until now, including 180,000 residence permit renewals, 140,000 vehicle ownership transfers, 25,000 fancy vehicle number transfers, 15,000 renewal and activation of e-gate services and 10,000 driving licence renewals.