Bus stop appeal to Mowasalat
May 09 2016 11:06 PM

Dear Sir,

Mowasalat’s public transport service is growing day by day in Qatar, with a steady increase in the number of people using it. The company, at this crucial juncture in its growth, should welcome public suggestions and consider them  to further improve and expand its services.
Mowasalat now has no bus stop between the Jaidah flyover and the Midmac roundabout. A few bus drivers do stop near the Jarir store out of kindness for people waiting there but most of them don’t stop because it is not an officially-declared stop.
Commuters  hope that Mowasalat would establish a proper bus stop near the Jarir store or at some other point between Jarir and the Midmac roundabout. It will be very useful for a large number of people.
The irony is that while Mowasalat’s highly-trumpeted transport service on the Salwa Road is running with almost empty buses,  people are walking in dusty and hot weather looking desperately for a ride on the route.

Azeez Manjiyil, (Address supplied)

An ideal agenda for Modi visit

Dear Sir,

First and foremost, I thank Gulf Times for publishing my letter “Indian expatriates look forward to Modi’s visit” (Gulf Times, April 4), supporting the idea of his visit to Qatar. Now as per the latest reports, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be visiting Qatar soon and we, the expatriates from the South Asian country, are all excited to receive him and to share with him our experience, expectations, aspirations and ambitions.
Nevertheless, at this juncture, I am concerned that Modi’s visit and audience should not be restricted to those who are occupying coveted positions from the Indian community. Instead, Modi must interact with Indian workers from various levels as he has done in Saudi Arabia during his recent visit there.
He should also meet with Indians who have contributed to the workers’ welfare and are active in community service. This will enable the Indian premier to understand the real situation and to take measures as required for improving the overall scenario.
I am quite confident that with able, dedicated and top-notch professionals in the Indian embassy and active co-ordination by the ministry of foreign affairs headed by none other than Sushma Swaraj, the impending visit of the Indian PM will bring joy, cheers and overall benefits to all concerned.
The trip will help the economies of both Qatar and India to come still closer and reach new heights with their proven synergies.

V Kalyanaraman, (e-mail address supplied)

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