Dear Sir, 

I commend Qatar’s transport company, Mowasalat, for its efforts to serve the residents of Industrial Area.
Industrial Area residents until recently had to walk a long way to avail of the bus service starting from the terminal. Mowasalat’s decision to move the bus interchange from Street 52 to a comparatively accessible area solves this problem to some extent.
I would like to use this opportunity to urge Mowasalat to revamp the service of bus number 88.
On Fridays, the capacity and frequencies of the No 88 service are reduced but with the demand remaining high on that day, it creates a lot of problems for commuters.
Last Friday, I used No 88 to go to the market but the bus was already full by the time it left the interchange station. Along the way, the driver had no choice but to speed on, failing to stop at regular stops as the bus was overloaded.  I felt sorry for people who had been waiting patiently for the bus at the stops.
Coming back to the Industrial Area by No 88 was equally a tiresome journey with the bus once again overcrowded. I had to struggle to get into the bus as people were shoving their way in.
It would be great if  Mowasalat would increase the frequencies of the No 88 service on Fridays. The route on which bus No 88 plies is a key one  for many Industrial Area residents.

George Matubia/[email protected]

Need to change our perception
Dear Sir,

The letter of MH, “Extra marks for e-mail greetings” (Gulf Times, May 5), gives one the impression that the writer is obsessed with the late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi.  A personal message from a prime minister to an ordinary citizen, sent either by courier or through  e-mail, should be appreciated and MH, one hopes, will realise that.
MH mentions about some people in India returning their awards as a sign of protest against the central government’s certain policies recently,  but most see this as just a gimmick aiming  to garner quick publicity.
It is also not right to belittle the achievements of the country’s current  premier.
India has been a secular country and will remain so. But  some parties on the pretence of being secular, are the most communalised ones and are trying to sow divisions among the public for their private ends.
The current prime minister is from a particular party (BJP) but as long as he holds the august office, he should be seen as the country’s leader and not of any group. That means people need to change the way they look at him. Finding fault with everything he does will not help in achieving that view.

SN/(Full name and address supplied)
Tribute to all mothers

Dear Sir,

Further to the article on the comment page, “Why mothers deserve their very own day” (Gulf Times, May 8), I would like to pay my own humble tributes to all mothers  in our world.
As people across the globe marked International Mother’s Day yesterday, let me  share with Gulf Times readers a loose English translation of some lines from an Urdu poem: “A mother finds peace only after her soul departs for the eternal world, even when they are young, they look old as they spend all time of their lives worrying about and meeting the needs of their children and family.”
We should always treat our mothers with love and affection; it is our obligation.

Ramesh G Jethwani/(e-mail address supplied)

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