Beauty centre closed for using expired products
May 08 2016 09:16 PM
A Ministry official writing the closure notice for the beauty centre


The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) has announced closure of a beauty centre at a resort in Ras Abu Aboud area for one month for supplying and using expired products.
The closure comes within the framework of inspection campaigns carried out by the ministry in an effort to monitor the market and commercial activity in the country.
The action is also meant to offset price manipulation and expose violations pertaining to counterfeit goods and non-conformance with standard specifications.
Inspectors from the ministry fined the centre and ordered its closure for a month in line with article (7) of law number (8) of 2008.
The law stipulates that suppliers of goods shall prominently display on product labels a clear description of goods and their ingredients and refrain from posting any misleading or false statements.
The administrative closure is published on the ministry’s website as well as two daily newspapers at the offending centre’s own expense in line with article (3) of law no (8) on consumer protection.
The ministry said it is determined to protect consumer rights and added that it will intensify its inspection campaigns to crack down on all violations of the consumer protection law.
Violators of laws and ministerial decrees will be referred to the competent authorities to take appropriate action against perpetrators in order to protect the rights of consumers.
The MEC has urged all consumers to report any violations to its Consumer Protection and Anti-Commercial Fraud department and send complaints and suggestions through its communication channels.

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