The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) has signed a strategic partnership agreement with leading professional network LinkedIn.
Announcing this, the MEC said this is aimed at “strengthening its position as a leader in attracting qualified professionals in Qatar, supporting its efforts in communicating with the ministry’s employees and reinforcing its corporate identity as an entity that is attractive to qualified professionals”.
Under the agreement, the MEC will seek to take advantage of specialised workshops that will be offered to the ministry’s employees and affiliates by LinkedIn.
“The ministry will also benefit from the solutions offered by the LinkedIn platform in attracting qualified professionals from all disciplines and help employees create and develop their professional profiles on the site, which will contribute to reflecting the positive work environment that is provided by the MEC and help attract and retain more qualified professionals in the future,” the ministry stressed in a statement.
Tariq Abdulaziz al-Sada, director of public relations and communication at the MEC, said the strategic partnership agreement would allow the ministry to gain access to the finest professional talent and also help highlight to employees at the ministry the importance of vocational and career planning. This, in turn, will have a positive effect on the ministry and Qatar as a whole as it will help educate and inform the public about the MEC’s biggest initiatives and the various services offered, it was observed.
Rajai El Khadem, head of public sector at LinkedIn Mena, added: “We are proud at LinkedIn to collaborate with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce through this partnership agreement, which will help deliver the ministry’s message to a larger segment of the public.”
Members of the LinkedIn network from the Middle East and North Africa have surpassed 17mn members. The network brings together industry leaders and some of the most influential personalities from the Arab world as part of LinkedIn’s most influential people list.
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