Ezdan Holding Group (Ezdan) has announced the appointment of Omar al-Yafei as acting general manager of its subsidiary, Ezdan Real Estate Company, a statement has said.
Al-Yafei’s appointment was aimed at stimulating the company’s quality of operational efficiency and enhancing its productive capacity and position.
Al-Yafei is considered one of the most qualified national cadres that heavily contributed to achieving administrative realisations in the field of management development and leadership. 
During his past experience, he earned remarkable leadership and managerial skills, through an array of positions he served in the government sector. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and has attended many specialised courses in leadership and management.
Group CEO Ali al-Obaidli said choosing al-Yafei “is a step forward” in the structural improvement process that the group and its subsidiaries are undergoing.
On top of the group’s investments are residential compounds and villages run by Ezdan Real Estate Company, totalling up to 20,000 units.
Al-Yafei, who joined Ezdan two weeks ago, said, “Ezdan Holding Group is one of those leading business entities that have succeeded in leaving a prominent mark locally and regionally, thanks to its successful investment diversification policy, the fact that stimulates us to spare no effort to support and promote Ezdan’s position. Joining Ezdan Real Estate is a quantum addition to my career.”