A smart clinic for diabetes, implemented for Qataris in collaboration with the help of healthcare providers in the state through the recommendation of the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), has been successful with over 9,800 registrations for testing.
The clinic, opened in January as a pilot programme at Al Wakra Health Centre of the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) with the support of the Al Wakra Hospital, offers integrated care through a specialised team that includes a physician, nurse, health educator and dietitian.
“By the end of March, more than 3,000 people had been invited for screening and nearly 1,000 screened for diabetes. Of those, 123 were identified as pre-diabetic, and 20 were diagnosed with diabetes,” said Dr Mariam Ali Abdulmalik, managing director, PHCC.
“The smart clinic for diabetes, is run with the participation of HMC and provides integrated healthcare facilities. It employs accountable care practices to improve the health and well being of Qataris through the delivery of high-quality, efficient care for those suffering from or are at risk of developing diabetes. Using a combination of data analytics and a risk-based screening, the programme identifies those with known diabetes risk factors and invites them to the smart clinic for voluntary diabetes screening.
“The programme aims for early detection of diabetes as well as other risk factors associated with diabetes. Patients who are registered at Wakra Hospital are invited for diabetic screening at the clinic.They will be seen by doctors, nurses, health educators and nutritionists
and provided health education.”
Dr Abdulmalik  noted that the patients would be attended by both the primary and secondary healthcare providers through the multidisciplinary teams.
“This will give them a comprehensive idea about their physical health as well as how they can care about themselves. The overall aim of the project has been successfully achieved and its results will be reviewed regularly over the coming months.”
“Once the pilot phase of the programme is completed, it will be taken to other health centres too, maybe next year,” she added.

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