Industrial Area streets experience severe flooding
April 17 2016 09:31 PM
One of the streets on the eastern side of Doha Industrial Area where severe flooding prevails.
One of the streets on the eastern side of Doha Industrial Area where severe flooding prevails.

By Ramesh Mathew/Staff Reporter

Several streets of the Doha Industrial Area, particularly those on the eastern side, are still flooded from the rains on Thursday evening and the early hours of Friday.

The rains, accompanied by severe winds, caused severe damage to many buildings across Qatar, especially on the south western side of Doha.

As a result of the flooding in Industrial Area, vehicular movement through the streets has become extremely difficult. The already dilapidated roads, where no repairing or maintenance works were carried out in recent years are full of craters as well.

A large number of warehouses of foodstuffs suppliers are located on the streets on the eastern side. Most of the streets also house a large number of workers accommodations.

Residents of many of those residential camps are finding it increasingly difficult to venture out onto the streets owing to flooding in the area following the rains. Streets have become severely muddy as well.

Some of the operators of the warehouses told Gulf Times that they are unable to move their vehicles through the area because of the flooding.

"It is highly risky to operate vehicles, especially goods-laden trailers, through the area now. Only a few streets in Doha Industrial Area have good roads even though there has been a remarkable rise in the number of trailers coming to the area," said a warehouse manager, who says it is high time proper maintenance works are carried out on most of the streets flanked by warehouses of foodstuffs companies.

Significantly, a number of large trucks coming to the area are from outside the country, it is understood. Perhaps the only segment which is apparently happy with the present conditions of the roads here are the garage operators who are getting a large number of repairing works on account of the break down of the vehicles in the area.

Earlier, there were only potholes on the roads. However, the absence of repairs has turned them into craters over the years. There has been alarming growths of weeds and bushes too in the middle of some of the streets.

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