The Qatar Finance and Business Academy is planning to launch a new programme that focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship, QFBA chief executive officer Dr Abdulaziz al-Horr has told Gulf Times.
Al-Horr said the QFBA has prepared a “unique programme for entrepreneurs” after identifying certain “gaps” following a review of programmes being offered on entrepreneurship and innovation.
He explained that the programme has three unique elements. The first element is that the course offers actual case studies, examples, and exercises based on Qatari and other GCC companies.
Rather than using international companies like Mc Donald’s, Microsoft, or Apple as examples, al-Horr said the programme is “presented in the local context,” citing Qatari firms like Qatar Airways and Ooredoo.
“The uniqueness of our programme is that it is not just theoretical; it is a very relevant and authentic programme in terms of case studies, examples, and exercises. It is presented in the local context, and this is one element or factor that we really built into the programme,” he said.
The second and third elements, according to al-Horr, will involve coaching from entrepreneurs: “We will provide them with coaching from someone who has done this before and who has faced and solved problems and challenges; someone who can talk to the entrepreneur as an individual, and challenge his or her ideas.
“In entrepreneurship, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all.’ Therefore, we have integrated coaching into the programme to respond to individual needs at the level of the ideas, leadership, and management of the participant,” al-Horr said.
“This involves entrepreneurs who are going through the system…an entrepreneur can speak the language of an entrepreneur.”
Al-Horr also stressed that the challenges companies face vary in terms of “maturity, survival skills, and governance structure.”
“It is time to have our own examples…to deliver your own point and message, it will be more authentic because these people will know that you are talking about companies that survived and made it in your own context,” he emphasised.
Asked about the launching date of the new programme, al-Horr said: “The programme has been endorsed and approved by Qatar Development Bank (QDB), so we will be partnering with QDB to launch the programme for entrepreneurs. However, we have not yet agreed on the launching date but it will definitely be in 2016.”
Speaking to Gulf Times earlier, al-Horr said the QFBA has partnered with more than 100 organisations to allow its courses to cover a broad range of business and financial programmes that addresses the needs of the local market, and provides “added value” to a participant’s career development.

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