There has been a spectacular rise in the number of calls from customers through the Unified Call Centre (UCC) of Karwa, a senior official of taxi franchisees said.
“If we used to receive about 1,500 calls per month via the UCC when our taxis were introduced in September 2014, the number exceeded 26,000 calls during March this year,” explained the official of Profit Group, which operates Cars Taxi.
In the first 12 months, Cars Taxi launched 500 vehicles, he pointed out on the sidelines of launching 25 new cars yesterday. The batch of 25 taxis are a part of the new fleet of 500, scheduled to be introduced in phases until October this year. 
While attributing the company’s growth to the excellent support provided by the UCC and also the tireless efforts of the drivers, the official said the number of bookings through the UCC is expected to shoot up in the coming months in proportion to the growth in the fleet.
The company official also said their professional trainers provided intensive training course to drivers for 21 days covering different locations, and imparting traffic rules and regulations, defensive driving, lane discipline and customer service before certifying the drivers for on road duties.
Mowasalat Taxi Management Office director Mohamed al-Emadi, who attended the function, also recalled the improvement in the availability of taxi services since the introduction of the UCC.

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