Dear Sir,

The revelations of the so-called Panama Papers investigation, to tell the truth, did not come as a surprise to me (“Panama Papers’ revelations trigger international probes”, Gulf Times, April 5).
One thing is obvious: Most of the cases are a direct violation of laws of the respective countries as well as international norms that are aimed at controlling unauthorised handling of resources through illegal sources.
The involvement of political leaders and celebrities and their family members in the affair once again proves that in our world, ethics and legal compliance don’t matter to the top brass. For them, what matters most is money and acquisition of it. And what concerns them most is how to avoid paying taxes.  
Although the attempt by individuals, groups or corporate bodies to stash their unaccounted wealth in hidden accounts comes as a shock, the revelation proves that nothing can be hidden from the public for long.
 Finally, the truth comes out. However, to conduct a sincere probe and to take follow-up actions is a process the administrations fail on most of the occasions.
Countries like India, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, France and Austria, from where some of the people named in the scandal come, must take strong action against those involved, if the exposures are supported by evidence.
Mere naming of the people on the list doesn’t make them guilty, but if the charges are supported by proof, they should not be allowed to get away with their illegal activities.
Ramachandran Nair, (Address supplied)

Eateries overcharge for bottled water

Dear Sir,

AV’s letter, “Questionable promotion” (Gulf Times, March 29) was thought-provoking.  
On a similar note, I am at a loss to understand as to why restaurants in Doha are charging exorbitantly for bottled water.
Summer is fast approaching and it is obvious that demand for bottled water will  rise in the next few weeks.
Bottled water is priced quite high in several of Indian restaurants in Doha.
To add insult to  injury, they buy bottled water for wholesale price and sell it to their  customers for a much higher price.
This  practice must be stopped forthwith.

V Kalyanaraman, (Address supplied)

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