1mn man hours without incident at GWC Bu Sulba Warehousing Park
April 04 2016 10:38 PM
From left: Al Bader senior HSE officer Jeo Aricatt and Al Bader senior project manager Sunil Cerejo receiving the award from GWC senior director of Commercial Services Naji Nassar.

Logistics provider GWC recently presented to Al Bader Construction & Steel Works the “1mn Man Hours without Lost Time Injury” award at the GWC Bu Sulba Warehousing Park construction site.
The feat was completed between September 1, 2015, and February 22, an active period where the company completed the levelling and compacting of the site, and began working on the foundations and superstructures for the warehousing park. 
The site is currently 40% complete. Through careful monitoring of the quality, health, safety, and environment (QHSE) practices at the site, GWC, in co-operation with Al Bader, has been able to ensure that the construction of the project will be completed on time.
“GWC has a reputation of delivering its commitments punctually and reliably, and this drive to achieve will always be coupled with a pledge to do so in the safest and most secure of working environments,” said GWC senior director of Commercial Services Naji Nassar, who bestowed the award to Al Bader construction team. 
He added: “By providing the safest and most secure of environments, we are setting a precedent within this space that QHSE matters from the earliest stages of construction all the way through to the facility’s operations.”
Al Bader vice-executive chairman Mohamed Ahmed Seddiqi al-Emadi said: “Both Al Bader Construction & Steel Works and GWC have a long-standing relationship together, having worked well together in the past for the construction of a number of GWC’s international standard sites. “Throughout this partnership, we have found a strong peer in GWC when it has come to the health and safety of our workers, as we share an understanding that a safe work environment is the surest way to achieve the greatest of objectives.”
The GWC Bu Sulba Warehousing Park is one of Manateq’s economic zones initiatives, and is aimed directly at servicing the growing local SME sector, providing them with the best expertise and infrastructure in the State of Qatar, while allowing them to remain competitive through attractive pricing. 
The logistics hub will feature the well-recognised brand of GWC Distribution Centres and Multipurpose Warehousing, offering a variety of storage options, including dry, cool, chilled, frozen, and bulk, catering to a wide variety of industries in a flexible and fully-scalable environment. 
A fully-contained community, the GWC Bu Sulba Warehousing Park will also feature administrative offices, accommodation buildings, shopping and recreation facilities, as well as the best in world-class IT infrastructure.

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