Letters to the Editor
April 03 2016 10:17 PM

Indian expats look forward to Modi visit

Dear Sir,

During his three-day visit to Saudi Arabia, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has held wide-ranging talks with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, senior officials and businessmen, seeking to expand  ties between the two countries. Modi had paid a successful visit to the United Arab Emirates last year.
We, the Indian expatriates in Qatar, expect him to visit Doha as well, to witness the enviable progress achieved by this great country.
Qatar plays host to a large Indian expatriate community and we would like to thank local authorities for having provided us with an opportunity to work here in a challenging and growth-oriented environment.
Qatar and India already have excellent relations but they have immense potential to develop them further. The visit of Anil Ambani, a renowned Indian industrialist, last year is worth mentioning in this context.
The active role and contributions made by Indian embassy officials in expanding bilateral relations and serving the community need to be commended too. With my professional HR background spanning over 25 years in the Gulf, I would like to say that the Indian embassy officials deserve greater recognition for their efforts.
We look forward to Prime Minister Modi’s early visit to this great country.

V Kalyanaraman, (e-mail address supplied)

A heavy problem

Dear Sir,

In reference to your editorial, “Need to control global obesity epidemic” (Gulf Times, April 2), I would like to point out that three reasons are mainly attributed to overweight.
They are high-calorie food, a sedentary lifestyle and hereditary factors.
Many children are obese in both developed  and developing countries. This is because they eat a lot of junk food and drink carbonated drinks, which result in their putting on weight. Fast-food meals and snacks in general contain dangerous levels of trans-fats which are harmful to health.
They also don’t get much exercise. adding to the problem. Instead, they prefer to stay indoors, playing computer games and on mobiles. In case of adults, a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise are the main causes of obesity. Therefore, they ought to set apart some time either in the mornings or in the evenings, at least on alternate days, to do exercise.

C Robinson, [email protected]

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