Man sentenced for kidnapping restaurant worker at gunpoint
March 28 2016 08:53 PM


A Doha Criminal Court has sentenced a man to five years in jail for kidnapping a restaurant worker by threatening him with a pistol, local Arabic daily Arrayah reported.

The defendant became agitated when the restaurant employee did not respond to his requests immediately. He got out of his vehicle, went inside the restaurant, shouted angrily at the worker and left.

But he returned later and asked for the same worker. When the worker approached the vehicle, the defendant asked him to get in but the worker refused. Subsequently, he threatened him with a pistol and forced him to get into the car with him. The defendant then sped off to the desert outskirts, where he dropped his victim and fired a warning shot.

The scared worker started running, with the defendant following him in his car and firing randomly. After some chase, the defendant left the worker in the open and went away.

Later, the victim managed to return to his workplace and reported the issue to the police, who were able to arrest the defendant. However, the victim relinquished his claims at the court and the court convicted the defendant for owning an unlicensed firearm and threatening to kill a person.

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