Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) has announced the launch of its brand-new mobile application, “QFBA Calendar 2016”, on both the Apple and Android stores, putting the academy’s open programmes and courses “at the fingertips of its clients and users of the services”.
QFBA’s mobile app provides users with “easier access” to its programmes and courses, in addition to allowing HR directors and those interested to view the courses directly on their smartphones, and quickly identify which one their staff need, all in a matter of seconds, according to a statement.
Moreover, the application features QFBA’s 2016 open calendar, giving its users a quick glance at the wide range of training programmes available at the academy.
QFBA chief executive officer Dr Abdul Aziz al-Horr said: “We are happy to announce the launch of QFBA’s new mobile application for our users.  “In line with the academy’s mission and vision of ensuring that professionals can acquire what they need in terms of skills, qualifications and other competencies for career growth, our state-of-the-art mobile app is a perfect fit for our busy clients, who want to be able to get a detailed overview of our open programmes and courses with just a few taps on their smartphone screens, as well as easily and efficiently make decisions regarding their organisations’ professional training and workforce development needs.
“The new app is a part of QFBA’s strategy to stay up to date with the digital age and cutting-edge technologies, while making the lives of HR directors easier.”
Since 2009, QFBA has been playing a key role in responding to the urgent market need to harmonise the academic qualification and education on one hand and the changing requirements of the labour market on the other, the statement noted.