The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) will organise a health education campaign for 500 workers in Mesaieed, on Friday.
The campaign will be held at a labour camp for Boom Construction Company workers. The doctors there will make a pre-registration of 500 workers considering their age and medical history. They will be put through medical tests such as clinical examination, measurements of blood pressure and sugar levels, cholesterol, BMI, as well as evaluation and treatment by physiotherapists.
The event is being held in co-operation with Hamad Medical Corporation, V Care Company, Boom Construction Well Care Pharmacy, Indian Doctors Club, Indian Physiotherapist Forum in Qatar as well as several companies and institutions in the private sector.
Dr Sheikh Mohamed bin Hamad al-Thani, director, public health at MOPH, said, “The campaign is part of the programme called ‘Workplace Health Promotion’, which aims to protect and promote health, well-being and safety of all workers as well as the sustainability of workplaces. The campaign provides medical tests, health education and consultation by ophthalmologists, ENT specialists, dermatologists, dentists, physiotherapists and
“We are organising it in Mesaieed because we want to reach to people working in different places. Our aim is to hold different campaigns. We also want more partners into the campaign. We will hold different events in different places.”
Dr Sameer Moopan, of Indian Doctors Club, said, “We have been holding such medical camps for workers for the last 15 years. What we mainly focus at these camps is to look at lifestyle disorders. Generally, around 5% of the people at these camps come to know for the first time that they are suffering from diabetes or hypertension, as they had not screened for such disorders earlier.”
Apart from 30 doctors, 30 nurses and 150 volunteers, 20 physiotherapists will be at the camp to attend to visitors. All medicines will be given free and workers can present their prescriptions for medicines at Well Care Group pharmacies.
Other workers will be provided health related lectures and educational programmes on enhancing healthy lifestyle, workplace wellness, basic life support, CPR training and how to prevent accidents at workplace.

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