Six Nigerians face charge of forging bank statements
March 14 2016 10:18 PM

A Doha Criminal Court has been reviewing the case of six Nigerian men accused of counterfeiting bank statements of a local bank to get visas of a European country.
Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported yesterday that the embassy of the European country filed a complaint against the six accusing them of submitting counterfeited bank statements with their visa applications.
Investigation revealed that two of the defendants used the original bank statements of a local bank and modified them, using counterfeited signatures and stamps while the others collaborated with them to produce similar statements with big sums.
The bank official concerned testified that only two defendants submitted requests for bank statements and upon reviewing the counterfeited certificates, he said that they could be easily detected.
He told the court that the bank was not harmed in any way or sustained any loss consequent to this.
Further, the forensic labs report on the case affirmed that the submitted bank statements were counterfeited. The case is still being reviewed by the court.


Tuesday، 19 April 2016 06:57 PM

Very easy to mention their nationality because they are Nigerians. If they were other nationalities, Gulf Times would say "Asians" or a different type of description. It Saddens me that even many Nigerians won't stop doing things that drags our name to the mud.
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