A temporary diversion will be in place on the Water-filling Station roundabout in Al Khor and a single-lane dual carriageway in a section on Al Khor Road (street no.212 in front of Al Khor Sports Club) for nearly 700 metres in the direction from Al Shamal Road to Corniche and vice versa. The diversion will be for a period of six months.

The existing southbound lanes of Al Khor Road will be closed for the same distance (as shown in the map).

During the period, traffic on the closed roundabout will be diverted to a new temporary roundabout with a bigger radius that was constructed on the same location in order to avoid traffic congestion.

This diversion aims to allow the implementation of works to convert the Water-Filling Station Roundabout in to a signal-controlled intersection, and to continue the development of infrastructure works, storm water network, and road works of the southbound of Al Khor Commercial Street as part of the roads and infrastructure development project for Commercial Street in Al Khor area.