The fifth edition of Halal Qatar Festival, organised by Katara - the Cultural Village Foundation, concluded yesterday.
The festival was attended by thousands of Qataris, residents and schoolchildren since it began on February 19, the organisers said in a press statement yesterday, noting that the event helped “revive the culture of Qatar and the Gulf and establish a national identity among the youth”.
In addition to senior officials and high-profile delegates, a number of ambassadors and diplomats from the US, UK, Pakistan, Argentina, Turkey, Algeria, Bulgaria, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Korea and the Philippines visited the festival. They were received by Katara’s general manager, Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti.
The ambassadors lauded Katara’s efforts in holding the event, which is considered “an integral part of the Qatari folkloric legacy and also reflects the attention paid by the Cultural Village to the country’s authentic heritage”, the statement noted.
The ambassadors were delighted to visit Halal Qatar Festival, admiring the heritage of Qatar and the Gulf region for its rich content such as artworks and handmade objects displayed in the traditional market.
The audience, which included people from all walks of life, had the opportunity to learn about the customs and traditions of the Qatari people, whether in the desert, urban areas or coastal regions.
A number of activities and outlets were also lined up as part of the festival, such as the traditional market, arts, crafts and handmade artefacts, traditional food, games and folkloric songs. Traditional tents and Arab-style majlis were also part of the festivities.
The traditional market attracted huge crowds, including both visitors from Qatar and abroad, who enjoyed the aspects of locals’ lives in the past. Outlets selling dairy products, cattle-based products, perfume, folkloric crafts and swords were also present.
The Ghaith outlet displayed a wide variety of traditional swords used in the Al Ardah traditional dance, while the Bu Saif stall featured honey-based products.
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