Traffic Department issues new 'driving handbook’ for driving schools
February 27 2016 09:41 PM
Students practice on simulators at a driving school
Students practice on simulators at a driving school


An exhaustive range of issues, including how to drive safely, traffic violations/penalties, how to keep one's vehicle in good condition, are covered in a new 'driving handbook' issued by the Traffic Department at the Ministry of Interior.

The handbook provides for a unified curriculum that will be taught at all driving schools in the country, local Arabic daily Arrayah has reported.

Experts feel the new, comprehensive handbook will help further improve the training new drivers at driving schools across the country.

The handbook introduces trainees to different types of vehicles, including light ones, trucks, motorbikes, heavy equipment, forklifts and others.

It covers all relevant aspects, such as the principles of driving in different weather conditions, safety equipment that should be kept in vehicles and how to use them, and how to keep a car well-maintained to avoid sudden breakdowns.

Further, the handbook gives information on how to deal with accidents and what to do for the injured while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

Traffic expert Hassan Nassar told the daily that the handbook is in line with the traffic law and its executive regulations. It also lays special focus on different aspects of traffic awareness.

For instance, it gives illustrations on how to drive at intersections, overtaking and where to stop. There is also a section on traffic violations and penalties and how to settle them.

Meanwhile, the handbook talks about common mistakes caused by motorists and how one should be constantly alert to avoid any dangerous situation. It also includes practical advice for motorists on how to avoid accidents, with a special focus on safe driving techniques.

Nassar expects the new driving handbook to considerably improve the training of new drivers due to its comprehensive scope, adding that it is well prepared and follows approved international traffic standards.

The curriculum will be mandatory for all trainees applying for a driving licence through different driving schools in the country.

Earlier, the Traffic Department had held a forum on having a unified driving curriculum and its role in improving the efficiency of new drivers. Officials from the Traffic Department and various driving schools took part.

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