Qatar University’s (QU) procurement department has achieved ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems.
The certification is in recognition of its continuing commitment to quality and excellence in its management operations, according to a statement.
The certificate was presented to QU president Dr Hassan Rashid al-Derham by British ambassador Ajay Sharma in the presence of QU associate vice-president for facilities and information technology Dr Khalid Naji, department director Mohamed Saleh al-Saadi, BSI Group Qatar country manager Omar Rashid, and QU leaders and staff.
In his remarks, Dr al-Derham said: “The Procurement Department has succeeded in implementing quality services by developing its effectiveness and building trust with partners. The success of receiving the ISO 9001 certification reflects the fact that QU is in line with international standards in terms of quality services
Ambassador Sharma said, “I applaud the partnership between QU and BSI Group, which has led to the success we are celebrating today.
“The relationship between Qatar and the UK is one of the best. I am pleased to be here to celebrate the achievement of the Procurement Department receiving ISO 9001 for its quality management success.”
On his part, Dr Naji noted, “QU continues to seek excellence by developing its practical processes as part of its commitment to quality standards and best practice.”  
He said the department started the exercise towards certification in quality management at the beginning of June 2015 with the aim of providing services and products at the maximum level of efficiency and that fulfilled the requirements of its constituents.
Rashid congratulated the department and noted BSI Qatar’s eagerness to develop its relationship with QU by establishing a fruitful partnership.
Al-Saadi, too, congratulated the procurement team on achieving the ISO certification through hard work and persistence.

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