The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has announced that it will implement a temporary road diversion at the Al Mansoura/Al Matar intersection and on part of Al Mansoura Street from February 29.
The diversion will be carried out in co-ordination with the Ministry of Interior’s Traffic Safety and Engineering Department, Ashghal has said in a press statement.
The traffic diversion along Al Matar Street will be carried out for three weeks, while the diversion on Al Mansoura Street will continue for six weeks.
This is being done to complete rehabilitation works on the existing underground sewage network in the Najma area, according to the statement.
The diversion will be implemented as follows (see map):
* No left turn from Al Mansoura Street onto Al Matar Street. Drivers need to take a right turn towards the Najma intersection (commonly known as Toyota Signal) and make a U-turn there onto Al Matar Street.
* No left turn from Al Matar Street onto Al Mansoura Street. Drivers need to continue to the Al Doha Al Jadeeda intersection (commonly known as Crazy Signal), make a U-turn there onto Al Matar Street, then turn right onto Al Mansoura Street.
* Eastbound lanes on Al Matar Street, leading from the Al Doha Al Jadeeda intersection towards Najma intersection, will be reduced from three to two lanes near the Al Mansoura intersection, and will return to three lanes after that. The three westbound lanes on Al Matar Street will remain the same.
* One lane in each direction will be maintained on Al Mansoura Street.
* Existing on-road parking on Al Mansoura Street will be restricted for 300m from the intersection.
* Alternative traffic routes are marked as shown on the map.
Ashghal will instal road signs to advise motorists of the diversion. It has requested all road users to abide by speed limits and follow road signs to ensure their and others’ safety.
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