Mozaic TV users can collect ‘Ooredoo tv’ box for free
February 16 2016 09:31 PM
Ooredoo tv
'Ooredoo tv' remote control on display during the launch of the new service in Doha on Monday with "cutting-edge" fibre and Wi-Fi technology.

By Pratap John/Chief Business Reporter

Existing Mozaic TV customers can collect their ‘Ooredoo tv’ box "for free" from Ooredoo shops, Fatima Sultan al-Kuwari, Ooredoo's director (Community and Public Relations) has said.
“If a customer has an existing fibre home broadband connection from Ooredoo, the new Ooredoo tv device is activated at the store, given to the customer and the customer can take it home and plug and play,” al-Kuwari told Gulf Times on Tuesday.
She said if the customer was not already connected to fibre, a home installation would be required.
“An installation technician will be scheduled to connect the customer to the Ooredoo Supernet, and then the technician will install Ooredoo tv for the customer.
“Ooredoo tv is a brand new service and we are actively training and retraining all our staff on the product,” al-Kuwari said when Gulf Times highlighted some issues faced by customers who are keen to migrate from Mozaic TV to Ooredoo tv.
She said, “We are following up with the shops mentioned by Gulf Times, to ensure that all staff have full refresh training and can provide comprehensive customer information on Ooredoo tv.”
Al-Kuwari said an ‘Essential Ooredoo tv’ service was available, with fibre home broadband and landline, from QR250 a month.
“This is a basic package and we actively encourage customers to go for the full experience, because it represents the best value and provides the richest possible experience.
“The full Ooredoo tv experience is available with our ‘Extras’ packages with a package price starting from QR100 or QR350 a month when you include our entry level fibre home broadband and landline. This is the set of packages that has the most value and includes advanced features and options like many more channels, hard-disk recording and the Ooredoo Club video on demand service.”
To support the company’s shared aspiration for a “cleaner, greener Qatar”, Ooredoo prefers that customers return their old Mozaic device.
This, she said, would allow Ooredoo to refurbish the device and offer it as a repair device or dispose of it thoughtfully.
“But there is no mandatory requirement that a customer return their old device in order to receive a new Ooredoo tv device,” al-Kuwari clarified.
Qatar has become the first country in the region and the third worldwide to offer a commercial 4K service and launch the latest in home entertainment services via the new Ooredoo tv service. The service, which replaces Ooredoo’s Mozaic TV, uses cutting-edge fibre and Wi-Fi technology.
Using fibre-optic technology, the service offers 4K TV viewing quality, which allows viewers to enjoy “high-definition experience” even on the largest screens.
The service combines Apps with on-demand and live television in one easy-to-use box.
Al-Kuwari said Qatar is the first country in the region to offer a commercial 4K service through Ooredoo tv and the third worldwide after China and Germany to launch “clear and quality” entertainment services.

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Tuesday، 12 April 2016 04:18 PM

I got the Ooredoo TV box free from Lulu D ring last week. Very good service. Excellent picture quality.
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