Qatar Primary Materials Company (QPMC) staff and workers have participated in the National Sport Day celebrations.
On this occasion, QPMC chose Aspire Zone as its primary destination for the Sport Day celebrations in view of the wide range of innovative activities lined up there.
In a statement, QPMC said it provided its labour force with the “highest living and wellness standards”, and was keen to involve the workers and staff from the headquarters in the National Sport Day celebrations as one team to share the values associated with sports. This, in turn, would have a big impact on team spirit and dedication in the
QPMC CEO Eisa al-Hammadi said, “QPMC is deeply committed to the welfare of the local people; in parallel, QPMC participates in a number of community events through the year as part of its commitment to the Qatari community. Choosing Aspire Zone as our primary destination for National Sport Day is due to their efforts to bring government entities and private sectors together, which is in line with QPMC’s vision.”
Dr Latifa al-Darwish, QPMC’s director of administration, highlighted the importance of the National Sport Day celebrations, which helped provide a break from the daily corporate routine and also underlined that sporting activities were not limited to only sports clubs, athletes and championships.
Al-Darwish added, “As QPMC, we believe in the importance of exercise and leading a healthy and active lifestyle.”
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